Find out if your business is protected using our 3 key criteria to setting up and operating your business and minimizing the risks.

If you’re not sure where to start when setting up your business or you need greater clarity around your existing business legals, you may be exposing you and your business to unnecessary risks.

This 4 minute quiz highlights the weaknesses in your business legals and reveals what you can do about it.



These days it’s not enough just to know your products and services to run a successful business, to ensure your business can continue grow and prosper you must be aware of the legal landscape in which you operate and the risks you may face.

After 27 years as a successful lawyer, Tracey Robinson guides Robinson Nielsen Legal.

As a boutique Brisbane law firm, we take our time to listen and understand your concerns and customise a solution that directly responds to your individual needs. We believe in real outcomes.

This fast and insightful 4-minute quiz will reveal the gaps in your


If you don’t decide to better partner, protect and perform you expose your brand and business to risk and costly legal claims.

Just enter your best email address below, and you’ll receive a link to the test. When finished, you’ll get a full report on your Business Risk Assessment Score with suggested improvements to help you better PROTECT, PERFORM, AND PARTNER your way to greater success.

Here’s what the business risk assessment
quiz will show you.

Your ability to partner

Successful business partnership mean building and maintaining powerful relationships and networks.

To elevate your business when partnering with other people or businesses you need clarity around your rights and expectations.

  • Do you have an exit plan?
  • Are you clear on what contributions each party will make?
  • Do you understand your business rights?

Your ability to protect

A Successful business set up today is fully protected, so you can grow and thrive without fear of unforeseen risk and costly legal claims.

To build your business you must ensure your business is future proofed against liability and is compliant with relevant laws.

  • Do you have written terms and conditions for your business?
  • Are you clear on your employment relationships?
  • Are your business premises critical to your business success?

Your ability to perform

Behind every successful business is a high-performance business structure.

To ensure you are optimising the performance and growth of your business, you need to ensure you quickly establish guidelines and structures that align to your goals and vision.

  • Have you considered your business structure?
  • Is your marketing collateral compliant?
  • Are your business assets insured?

Ready to find out if your business is at risk?

This quiz will ask you the SMART questions about your brand and business, to ensure you are informed of potential risks and can put a plan in place to Partner, Protect and Perform!


About Robinson Nielsen Legal

Robinson Nielsen Legal serves you by helping you achieve your vision and successful business outcomes.

We take a genuine interest in you and the future of your business. Understanding your objectives, to meet or exceed your expectations, is the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to partner, protect and perform for you and your interests every day.

We work hard to provide superior legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

For our firm, we foster an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect, where initiative, innovation, teamwork and loyalty are encouraged.

We will honour these ideals to deliver value to you and your business.


“For me, having my own firm means I have the freedom to practice law my way. To offer and take time to really listen to my clients, provide uncomplicated and relevant practical advice and outcomes based on real-life solutions that protect their rights, business and brand.”

Tracey Robinson
“Productivity, profit and performance are the by-product of what is created by PEOPLE.”
Bill Nielsen

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