Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is Your Vision

Robinson Nielsen Legal serves you by helping you achieve your vision and successful business outcomes.

We take a genuine interest in you and the future of your business. Understanding your objectives, to meet or exceed your expectations, is the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to partner, protect and perform for you and your interests every day.

We work hard to provide superior legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

For our firm, we foster an enjoyable working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect, where initiative, innovation, teamwork and loyalty are encouraged.

We will honour these ideals to deliver value to you and your business.


Our Vision

Helping Your Business Thrive

At Robinson Nielsen Legal our vision is to see you and your business thrive! We are more than just a Brisbane law firm. We are your partners.

We strive to handle each matter with the same accountability and responsiveness as if we were representing ourselves.

We focus our attention on the legal aspects of your business so you can focus your attention on the greater success of your business.

Our vision reflects our values: Listen, Care, Guidance, Honour and Connection.

We are dedicated to building and maintaining powerful relationships and networks of like-minded individuals and businesses all with a common goal; to be part of a greater social purpose to connect real people and real businesses in making a real difference.


Making a Difference

We Believe in Real Outcomes

As a boutique Brisbane law firm, we take our time to listen and understand your concerns and customise a solution that directly responds to your individual needs.

We take the emotion out of a situation or decision so you can focus on what is essential to you in your business.

We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest standards and ethics.

We want to be part of your team.

Partner, Protect and Perform.

“Helping small businesses and individuals access high end legal solutions”

Our Values

Listen, Care, Guidance, Honour and Connection

We Listen:

When seeking legal advice, are you being heard? At Robinson Nielsen Legal our clients are the heartbeat of everything we do. Understanding your story, vision and purpose is essential to successful outcomes. We identify the real issues, listening intently to ask the right questions that protect and serve your business.

We Care:

We are small for a reason! Our specialist team of lawyers and industry professionals provide a personalised experience so you are informed, understood and empowered. We provide expert guidance, support and legal protection to elevate your position or avoid dispute.

We Guide:

We are a law firm that leaves our ego at the door! Collaboration, guidance and support are the cornerstone of our firm, focusing on identifying your key critical issues, pitfalls and risks to provide profitable solutions and greater opportunities.

We Honour:

With over 26 years’ experience as commercial and litigation lawyers, who specialise in helping both individuals and businesses of all sizes, honesty and integrity drive our course of action. Our promise is to support you and make the right decisions for you and your business, so you can continue to thrive and prosper.

We Connect:

We love doing business with people we know, like and trust! So, creating lasting partnerships and meaningful relationships are the building blocks to providing a personalised service that delivers customised and effective solutions that big firms don’t provide. We help you protect your business and brand.

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