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Your ‘Why’ is Our Business

The first thing you should know about Robinson Nielsen Legal is that we care about you, your business and your vision.

We are a specialist Brisbane legal practice who care about offering high-end tailored solutions to SME businesses. We bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge and unwavering commitment to you – to partner, protect and perform for you and your business.

We believe no matter how big or small your business, with the advancing world of big business and fast paced new-age economy, your business, your voice and your issues need to be heard and understood. We are here to help you and your business continue to thrive and prosper.

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Robinson Neilsen

We Are Known For

The Company

A boutique law firm that plays big! Being part of some of the most significant commercial and insolvency related trials in Australian history, Robinson Nielsen Legal is a law firm who listen, aspire to push boundaries and partner with SME businesses to provide affordable solutions for your problems no matter how big or small!

As the people’s advocate we offer practical guidance, peace of mind, clarity and power. We are a law firm that is driven to make a difference.
We are strong, robust and forward thinking in our approach to providing expert and personalised legal advice and services in commercial, employment, litigation, insolvency and property legal matters for SME businesses, not for profits and individuals.

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“For me, having my own law firm allows me the freedom to practice law my way. To take time to really listen and provide uncomplicated, relevant and practical advice and outcomes based on real-life solutions that protect your rights, business and brand.”
Tracey Robinson

What We Do

Our Services

Business & Commercial

What are your business goals and your vision for the future? We partner with you to identify obstacles, leverage opportunities and protect you legally to focus on the growth of your business.

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Property & Real Estate

Unsure about navigating the regulatory minefield of property law or undertaking due diligence? We help you identify risks and avoid the pitfalls. You will walk away with the clarity and confidence that what you are buying, selling or developing is compliant.

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Litigation & Insolvency

What does success mean to you and what outcomes enable your business to continue to thrive? We help you achieve exceptional results that focus on your business’ continued success.

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Employment & Workplace Relations

Are employment or HR-related issues impacting your business? We guide you through these challenges so you can focus on the continued growth, culture and performance of your business.

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News Insights


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